Proprietary Investment Models

Mersberger Financial Group's investment process utilizes the implementation of model portfolios curated internally by our experienced team of CFAs to align with your financial plans.

Investment Models
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Investment Model Fact Sheets

Mersberger Financial Group's Proprietary Investment Portfolios
Short Duration Portfolio

The Short Duration Model Portfolio is the firm’s lowest risk strategy, and emphasizes principal preservation, providing a high level of investment liquidity and meeting short term portfolio cash flow needs.

Portfolio Factsheet
Terrapin Fixed Income Portfolio

The Terrapin Fixed Income Portfolio is designed to provide investors with exposure to Domestic Fixed Income Markets and uses a combination of mutual funds and ETFs to provide clients with exposure to various fixed income asset classes such as US Treasuries, US Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS), Corporate Bonds, Asset Backed Securities and High Yield Bonds.

Portfolio Factsheet
Foundational Equity Portfolio

The Foundational Equity Portfolio is designed to makeup the core of client equity portfolios and uses mutual funds and ETFs to provide investors with highly diversified, tactical exposure to global equity markets including domestic markets, developed markets and emerging markets.

Portfolio Factsheet
Three-fund Portfolio

The Three Fund Portfolio invests in three low-cost index funds to provide clients with the firm’s lowest expense and most tax efficient exposure to global equity markets.

Portfolio Factsheet
Discovery Stock Portfolio

The Discovery Stock Portfolio is an in-house managed individual equity portfolio that seeks to invest in a concentrated basket of the Portfolio Manager's top investment ideas with the investment objective of attempting to deliver total returns above those of the Domestic Equity universe, as defined by the Russell 3000 Index.

Portfolio Factsheet
John Adams Global (JAG) Portfolio

The John Adams Global Stock Portfolio utilizes a proprietary strategy based on the Portfolio Manager's published peer-reviewed research. The investment objective is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns versus the Small/Microcap Global Universe, as defined by the MSCI Global Microcap Index, and to reduce the systematic risk of our client's overall portfolios through diversification. 

Portfolio Factsheet
Atlas Equity Income Portfolio

The Atlas Equity Income Strategy is an actively managed individual equity portfolio seeking to invest in a concentrated portfolio of businesses that are trading at an attractive valuation and well-positioned to return increasing amounts of capital to shareholders in the form of dividends and share repurchases. The strategy is benchmarked against the Russell 3000 Index (primary) and Russell 3000 Value Index (secondary).

Portfolio Factsheet

Investment Process

Guided by Internal Expert Analysis & Due Diligence

The firm’s investment process is driven by fundamental economic and business analysis and is guided by our internal investment committee that oversees our firm’s Portfolio Managers. The due diligence process consists of generating investment ideas, gathering data from industry-leading Financial Data & Analytics providers, constructing research reports, outlining an investment thesis, and continually reviewing portfolio asset allocations and securities to ensure they continue to be appropriate for each strategies’ investment objectives. The firm leverages a combination of in-house expertise, industry-leading technology, and analytics such as Bloomberg and Sentieo financial data terminals and third-party research providers such as Morningstar and Bloomberg Intelligence to uncover insights into markets and guide a disciplined, informed decision process.

The firm implements a combination of actively and passively managed Mutual Funds and ETFs, individual stocks, and individual fixed income instruments to construct portfolios that meet a range of financial objectives and to navigate the unique market and sector risks. The firm implements active mutual funds in corners of the market which present unique risks or market inefficiencies such as small-cap stocks, emerging markets, and international equities. The firm believes active management in these corners can help to navigate the unique risks associated with investing in them, as well as add value through active security selection in less mainstream global markets with fewer analysts and traders to compete against. In more efficient corners of the market such as large-cap stocks or US Treasury securities, the firm believes the fee paid to active managers reduces returns, and that not only is it highly difficult for fund managers to outperform in these markets, but it is even more difficult to select the managers which will outperform in these sectors in the future.

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