The Importance of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation

Is your financial advisor educated to give you the best financial advice? What designations do they have? Do they align with your goals?

Zachary R. Mersberger, CFA®, CRPC, AIF®

Aug. 7th, 2019

A stack of books and an iPad
A stack of books and an iPad
Importance of CFA

When interviewing and hiring a financial advisor to manager your financial future, there are a multitude of professional designations to sort through to find a trusted advisor who will be able to assist you in maximizing the value of your investments and financial future.

Today I would like to discuss why the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation is one of the most widely respected and highly valued designations in the investment industry, and why many high net worth investors could gain tremendous value by having a CFA® charterholder as part of their financial team.

Your financial advisor should be on the leading edge of every facet of your financial life, anticipating your needs and helping you to create an investment strategy to achieve your goals.

CFA® Knowledge

CFA® charterholders blend intellect and expertise to deliver premium advice. Fewer than one in five candidates who enter the CFA® Program become a CFA® charterholder and it takes an average of over 1,000 hours of study along with four years of professional experience to earn the distinction of being called a Chartered Financial Analyst. The CFA® designation is widely considered the highest distinction in the investment management profession and is considered the equivalent of a highly specialized postgraduate degree.

The CFA® Program provides a strong foundation in advanced investment, analysis, and real-world portfolio management skills and the CFA® designation is a globally recognized credential. In addition to investment expertise, CFA® charterholders provide expert level portfolio management skills as well as a thorough understanding of tax planning and intergenerational wealth planning.

Having a CFA® charterholder as part of your financial team can help ensure that you have access to the best investment advice available and that your portfolio is well aligned with your financial goals. The rigorous process of completing the CFA® Program ensures that CFA® charterholders will be able to offer expert level portfolio management skills, which is extremely important in today’s fast changing market landscape.

Last, CFA® charterholders are bound by high ethical standards: the CFA® Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. This helps to ensure that having a CFA® charterholder managing your wealth allows you the peace of mind that your team is always acting in your best interest.

MFG Designations

At Mersberger Financial Group, Zachary Mersberger currently holds the CFA® designation and has since September 2018.

Joshua Preiss, Mersberger Financial Group’s Director of Trading and one of the firm’s portfolio managers is a CFA® Level III candidate and sat for the Level III exam of the CFA® Program in June 2019.

Having a CFA® charterholder on our team as well as another team member who is currently in the CFA® Program has helped Mersberger Financial Group bring its financial planning and portfolio management offerings to the highest level of expertise. This, along with our current fiduciary, fee based, and transparent approach helps make current and new clients of Mersberger Financial Group comfortable that they are getting access to highly specialized, expert level advice. As you look for your financial team, we highly suggest you give the team at Mersberger Financial Group a look.

Mersberger Expertise

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