Being Thankful

As we have entered the holiday season I want to reflect on two themes: being thankful and the joy of giving.

Peter J. Mersberger, LUTCF®

Dec. 7th, 2016

A snow covered mountain
A snow covered mountain
Being Thankful

At Mersberger Financial Group, we are blessed and thankful to have wonderful clients. The traits of what we consider an Ideal Client are as follows:

  • They are financial delegators.
    Our community of clients appreciate and are willing to follow the advice of a financial advisor.
  • They are passionate about goals.
    Our community of ideal clients realize that achieving their goals requires both money and planning.
  • They enjoy simplicity.
    Our community of ideal clients enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and confidence that comes from having all of their financial assets under the watchful eye of a team of trusted advisors.
  • They value our work together.
    Our community of ideal clients appreciate advice and guidance. Due to the high level of client interaction and attention, our services make sense for families with approximately $500,000 of investable assets or more.
  • They focus on what's important.
    Our community of ideal clients delegate their financial matters so they can focus their valuable time and energy on the things in their life that are most important to them.
  • They can handle the truth.
    Our community of ideal clients want to hear the truth from us regarding their financial situation… no matter what.
  • They are driven by their values.
    Our community of ideal clients enjoy the things in life that are central to their most deeply held values and goals.

A very high percentage of clients at Mersberger Financial Group possess these traits and for us, as their advisors, are very thankful. We are also very thankful for the many highly-qualified introductions we receive from these ideal clients.

We are also thankful for having the ability to do what we do best - helping organize our clients' financial lives which leads to the joy of giving.

It is with great joy that our professional team at Mersberger Financial Group delivers this service of financial planning. We enjoy helping our clients become who they want to be in retirement…helping them to reach goals and live their lives driven by their values. While growing and preserving wealth is critically important, living life to the fullest and creating memories is immensely more valuable. From everyone here at Mersberger Financial Group, we would like to wish you a happy holiday season and enjoy the giving!

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