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Your clients have unique financial portfolio needs. We offer a wide variety of asset management services to help your clients succeed at every point in their financial journey.

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Asset Management Services

Asset Management for Advisors

No matter your client's unique situation, we have a solution. We want every client to succeed, so we have built multiple specialized services to meet their needs. From consultation to customized portfolios, we are here to help your clients on their path to success.

Portfolio Management

Turnkey asset management in an open architecture fund universe, our asset management team offers a wide variety of model options to match the financial planning needs of your client, including both active and passive, individual stock, income-focused, and international small-cap options.

Qualified Retirement Plan Fiduciary Services

Advisors with significant retirement plan fiduciary business have the opportunity to add additional client value by providing 338 advice, for a fee. We help you navigate the liability and requirements associated with this and provide portfolio solutions.

Client Consultation

Consult with our advisor liaison to aggregate case details and generate creative, tax-efficient solutions for your prospects and clients that work for your business model. We can also help present the solutions with you on a case-by-case basis if you choose.

Customized Portfolios

Your most complex, and likely most valuable, clients require solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our team can design, present, and maintain custom portfolios for these advanced cases.

Comprehensive Asset Allocation

To be holistic and comprehensive, we have to consider all the assets the client has at their disposal, not just those we are managing for a fee. We'll help you work around, and sometimes with, these outside assets to deliver additional value to your clients.

Tax Overlays

Taxes can create a significant drag on returns, up to 1.74% annually according to a Russell Advisory study, but they are also an area where a rep can add significant value and separate from competitors. We will work with reps to design solutions and investment plans to strive for tax neutrality as the default assumption.

Due Diligence

The investments solution universe available to Cambridge reps is broad and diverse. For advisors who want the freedom to manage their own portfolios, but would like investment ideas and best managers by asset class, we offer the investment committee approved menu to help you make recommendations easier.

Client Solution Matrix

Leverage the breadth and expertise of our advisor network and reference our case study matrix - a sheet of solutions to various real-life client problems.

TIAA Advisory

TIAA offers clients the ability to receive investment advice from advisory professionals, regardless of trustee affiliation. We can help you set up this contract and help sub-advise on portfolio selection

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